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Empowering Creators and Creativity

Where passionate creators can create more genuine moments with fans.

PrestoColor aims to empower creators. That’s why we launched PrestoFans, the first set of monetization tools in Asia designed to help creators to build their personal branded site. Take full control of your site and choose the monetization plan that best suits your video content.

PrestoFans – Designed For You

Valuable Utilities

That Empower Creators

PrestoFans is a set of powerful engagement and monetization tools – first for creators in Asia

Design Your
Own Monetization Tools

No restriction on your choice of monetization or platform rules. Set your own multi-monetization plan for your videos through our PrestoFans​

Develop Your
Personal Branded Site –
No Coding Required

Pick one of our beautiful ready-to-use customizable themes to match your branding and style. Showcase your content with an on-demand video catalog.​

Build Your
Own Fanbase
At No Extra Cost

Manage your fanbase in one single portal. Gain a better understanding of what type of content your fans enjoy. 

Elevate Your Work With PrestoColor

Speak from the heart, captivate your audience, and be rewarded.

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PrestoColor - The New Home

For Passionate Creators, Such As:

Entertainers. Musicians. Artists. Comedians. Teachers. Health and Wellness Enthusiasts. Gym Rats. Motivational Coaches. Foodies. Techheads. Dancers. Fashion Lovers. Makeup Artists. Craftsmen. Lifestyle Bloggers. Shopaholics. Gamers. Visual Artists. Yoga Teachers. Fitness Trainers. Chefs. And More...

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Are You One Of Them? 

Showcase your talents and interests today. 

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