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Upload Video

What kind of videos can I upload to PrestoFans?   

You may upload any type of video, but you need to make sure your content doesn’t violate our Acceptable Use Policy

Can I upload content that I posted on other social media channels?    


Yes, of course! You are not required to create whole new content to upload on your creator portal. In fact, you may just upload content that have been posted on other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube to kickstart and build your own fanbase. But we encourage you to post teasers on your social media and request your fans to view them on your Personal Branded Site with the link <creatorname> This allows you to have deeper engagement with your fans. 

Can adult content creators upload adult content to PrestoFans?     


We understand creators may post different content online and we are happy to host content that fall within our guidelines. 


As long as your content does not violate our Acceptable Use Policy, it can be uploaded to your own personal branded site and other streaming platforms. If you have any trouble deciding if your content is suitable or need further guidance on how to manage your content, please contact us. 

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