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Creator Account 

Create Account 

How do I create an Creator Account?  

  • Visit our official website at 

  • Click ‘Register’ 

  • Fill in your username, email address, mobile number, password of choice and hit the “Sign Up” button to create an account. 

Activate Account 

How do I activate my Creator Account?  

After you click on “Sign Up”, if all details are filled in accurately, you will receive a verification email which will contain a verify email button that will confirm and direct you to the login page. 

The email sender will be listed as PrestoColor Support’. Please check your spam/junk folder to ensure your email from PrestoColor is not accidentally overlooked. Additionally, you may search for ”PrestoColor” on the search bar to filter out the verification email. 

PrestoColor FAQs page-02.png

Click the ‘Verify Email’ button. 

As soon as you press on the ‘Verify Email’ button, you will be redirected to the PrestoColor portal website in a new window. Login with the email address and password that you have set to access your creator account. 

Upon  successful  log in   for  the  first  time,  you  will  be  greeted  with  a  prompt  message. Click  accept  as  prompted  below. The  default  landing  page  after  subsequent  log  in will be the <Personal Branded Site> page.

PrestoColor FAQs page-11.png
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