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What payment methods does PrestoColor support?   


PrestoColor supports global payment methods, such as Debit/Credit Cards, Alipay and UnionPay. In Malaysia, Fans can also pay via bank transfers and local e-wallets, including PrestoPay, GrabPay, Touch n’Go, and Boost. 

Fans’ Payment Method & Issue 

What currencies does PrestoColor accept?    


Because PrestoColor support global payment methods, we accept almost all currencies when Fans pay to creators or when we pay Creator Earnings to creators. 

What should I do if my fans say they can’t subscribe to me / pay and view my video / tip / give me virtual gifts at PrestoFans?    


You may contact us via email or WhatsApp and tell us the problem. If the pay-per-view or virtual gifting feature is malfunctioning, please let us know which video you’ve uploaded is facing this issue. 

Do I need to pay PrestoColor to use PrestoFans tools or products?    


You are not required to pay PrestoColor in advance if you want to use PrestoFans tools or products. PrestoColor will only charge 20% of your revenue from your fans as service charge to cover the payment processing, hosting and all other associated costs with running the PrestoFans personal branded site. 

PrestoFans’s Charges 

How can I earn revenue by using PrestoFans?     


PrestoFans personal branded sites come with multi-monetization tools such as: 

My Revenue at PrestoFans 

Subscription Fee

You can upload premium videos at your Personal Branded Site and customize your subscription packages (For example, you can modify the subscription duration and prices. Minimum subscription duration and price set at 1 day and MYR 1) for your fans. Your fans will need to subscribe to your channel to view premium videos. 


You may set Pay-Per-View for those who do not want to subscribe to your channel but are interested in your premium videos. They can view your videos by pay-per-view.


Regularly upload creative content and your fans may give you tips to support your creativity. 

Virtual Gifting​   

Fans can send fun virtual rewards to you as a form of engagement, which can later be redeemed for revenue. 



You can sell merchandise directly to your fans by adding affiliate links to your videos. 

How much can I charge for my subscription plan / pay-per-view amount / tipping / virtual gifting?     


You can charge a minimum of MYR 1 for your videos with all multi-monetization tools. 

How do I get earnings from my Fans?      


Your revenue will be settled every week (Malaysia Bank Account) / every month (Overseas Bank Account) by online transfer to your bank account.  


In order to receive your revenue, please fill in your bank account details at ‘Account Settings’ after logging into your creator account at the PrestoColor portal website. 


For more information, please refer to our Terms of Use for Creators - Section 18 (Page 11)​


What is ColorCoins?*       


ColorCoins is a virtual reward. Your fans will receive free ColorCoins after viewing ads on your site, which can be used in the Presto App to purchase products. ColorCoins cannot be used outside of Presto (i.e. they cannot be used in any other third-party services or redeemed for cash). 

This Feature is coming soon

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