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What is PrestoColor? 

PrestoColor is specially designed for passionate and creative creators. We aim to empower creators like yourself. 


By using PrestoFans, you will be able to build and grow your fanbase through your own platform, as well as create more genuine moments with fans. You will also be able to fully control the means of monetization and use our full suite of marketing, website, and video hosting tools at no cost.


For more information, you may visit our Homepage.

What can I do with PrestoColor?

Personal Branded Site (PrestoFans) 

You can build your own fanbase by creating your own site at PrestoColor. Pick one of our beautiful, ready-to-use customizable themes to match your branding and style at no cost! No coding and IT skills required! 

Multi-Monetization Tools

There are a few ways for you to make money on PrestoColor, but it all starts with registering first as our creator. 

  • Pay-Per-View

  • Subscription

  • Virtual Gifting

  • Tipping*

  • E-store 


Once you become a PrestoColor creator, you will gain access to our multi-monetization tools. 

Fan Community*  

You can manage and grow your community through fan discussions. You can also moderate community messages and conversations on your own.

Marketing Analytics*  

You can track your website and content performance by using our built-in marketing and data analytics tools. 

Video CMS and Player 

We can easily stream your content to all streaming platforms via our multi-node Content Delivery Network (CDN) at the highest video quality within Southeast Asia. 

To understand more about PrestoColor's features, visit PrestoFans Page.

How do I start experiencing PrestoColor’s Products? 

To experience our line of PrestoColor features, you will first be required to register a Creator Account. 


  • Start by visiting our website homepage ( and click ‘Register’. 

  • You will be directed to our creator portal sign up page.  

  • Fill in your username, email address, mobile number, password of choice and hit the “Sign Up” button to register a Creator Account. 

  • You will receive a series of verification & welcome emails in your inbox and follow the steps accordingly to log in for the first time. 


Thereafter, you may begin to upload your videos and make money while you experience our features! 


How can I earn revenue at PrestoColor?   

With PrestoFans, you can easily earn revenue through the following features: 


Subscription Fee​  



Virtual Gifting

Tipping* (Coming Soon)

For more details, you may go to Earnings


What is PrestoFans? 

PrestoFans is a set of products and tools developed and owned by PrestoColor. PrestoFans is specially designed for creators to help them take back control and fully utilize their content to earn revenue. 

Fans can view and support creator’s content by visiting Creator’s branded channel where they will be required to either login or create a new Presto account. (Presto account can be created via the Presto app or upon the 1st visit to a Creator’s channel).

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