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A Bite-Sized Intro to the Creator Economy

The Rise and Rise of the Creator Economy

You’ve stumbled upon this word before, the Creator Economy. In fact, 99.9% of us, as we’re scrolling through, or even reading this article, we are already part of the creator economy. A report by Forbes recently revealed that there are over 50 million creators in the thriving industry that is worth over $100 Billion. As we dive into the new year, it’s high time we embrace the creator economy.

So how are we involved in it? Take a quick look at this overall picture that showcases how three main aspects interact together in the creator economy.

Creators aren’t new, but their economy is. The Covid-19 pandemic also played a major part in accelerating the creator economy. Over the past decade, more and more people are forgoing conventional occupations, choosing instead to make a living by streaming their interests and hobbies through online video or digital portals.

When the pandemic hit, businesses were shut down to curb the spread. This included TV and movie studios, as well as theatres and auditoriums. Many viewers resorted to online as their main source of entertainment. Although creator content pales in comparison to professionally produced entertainment, they remain highly appealing due to their accessibility and authenticity.

Creating the Creator: From Personal Hobby to Career

Content creators - many of whom already worked independently from home - had the edge as they continued to churn out videos. Many Creators often start out as hobbyists, highlighting their passion and interest for fun to a small select audience. The parallel rise and success of digital system networks have allowed more creators to find ways to monetize their content, combining their passion alongside a savvy mix of commerce and entertainment.

The creator economy is also getting a boost from new and upcoming digital network systems that help creators run their business more efficiently. The creator economy is notoriously competitive. Many creators face challenges from a variety of reasons including poor monetization options; or even burnout from trying to keep up with the demand. Many of such platforms are also primarily designed for non-Asian creators, which could lead to issues such as localization and lack of support.

It’s Easier Than Ever to be a Creator – Here’s Why

Which brings us to PrestoColor, and how a stellar list of services that we provide can spur the best interests for creators in the creator economy. Here are five key features of PrestoColor, designed to alleviate pain points at the heart of the creator economy:

  • For creators starting out with limited capital and budget, PrestoColor can be a godsend due to its cost-effectiveness and value.

  • PrestoColor comes with free secure hosting at no extra cost.

  • No coding skills or website building experience is necessary to build your own PrestoColor personal branded site.

  • At the same time, there is no threshold number of followers required to begin your PrestoColor creator journey.

  • Instead of limiting creators to a single monetization option, PrestoColor offers various monetization plans to creators such as subscriptions, pay-per-view, virtual gifting, and tipping.

  • This allows for creators to choose the right monetization plan for their content.

  • For example, a creator can choose a pay-per-view or virtual gifting option for experimental content if they want to evaluate its performance or acceptance with fans.

  • Creators can use PrestoColor to grow their community organically.

  • With built-in messaging and fan tools, this allows for easy community management.

  • On top of that, creators can interact and get paid by fans who love what they do.

  • This is made possible via a direct line of communication with no bots in between.

4. Accept Payments from Supportive Fans Globally

  • PrestoColor ensures that creators will receive a weekly/monthly payment advice credited directly to their bank account of choice.

  • PrestoColor operates based in Malaysian Ringgit, however Creators can choose to receive payment in any currency of choice.

  • The interface allows for smooth payment transactions and accept fan payments via PrestoPay, Debit/Credit Card, Union Pay, Online Banking and even via E-wallet.

  • Creators can appeal to global fans to support them in any currency with PrestoColor’s unique payment gateway.

  • PrestoColor prides itself in ensuring that all videos that are uploaded by the creators can be streamed reliably and smoothly.

  • This is all possible within PrestoColor’s unique video content managing system.

  • Creators can schedule videos, as well as customize playlists and choose attractive thumbnails for the videos.

  • A straightforward choice for creators looking for hassle-free tools with fast video hosting.

Paving the Pathway towards Digital Renaissance

Within the creator economy, content creators today are empowered to earn a livable income as they continue to make content they love, as well as get closer to the fans that support their work. Additionally, with a Digital Renaissance in the making, Creators have more support from system networks and tools such as PrestoColor to help them focus on producing content that they’re truly passionate about.

It’s an exciting time to be involved in the creator economy, especially for those who would like to venture on a different path in life. It’s always a good time to endeavor the thriving future of the Creator Economy together with PrestoColor. Begin your PrestoColor Creator journey today by Signing Up now!

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