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Your Guide To Monetization Tools

How Do I Make Money on PrestoColor?

Picture this.

You get paid to do what you love.


Simple. Take back control of your creative content, and get rewarded through Asia’s First Multi-Monetization Tools, a built-in PrestoColor feature.

You make the autonomous decision to set how much you would like to make from your content, all from the Creator Portal and absolutely nothing out of your pockets!


Pay-Per View

Pay-Per-View content is considered as locked premium content, and thus your Fans who would like to watch will need to pay to unlock the video.  

This tool is suitable for part time Creators. This includes Creators who may not have the time to upload consistent content or only prefer to create ad hoc videos. Fans can watch these videos on demand as soon as the content is unlocked via the amount that you have fixed.


Fans can subscribe to your channel on a regular basis such as 30, 60 or 90 days to unlock all premium content.   The price & duration of the subscription plans will be entirely up to you to control and determine. 

This model is suitable for Creators who have regular content.

Virtual Gifting

Imagine being showered with diamonds, gold coins, flowers and even a fast and furious car! Virtually, of course but fret not. These virtual gifts can be converted into real cash money.

All these gifts and pricing can be determined by you, with a minimum amount starting from RM1. There’s no maximum cap here, so you may set virtual balloons at RM100 or more, and that’s the beauty of this tool.

This is ideal for Creators with Fans who treasure creative content and will continue to support your Creator journey.


Monetize Your Channel

Watch this video as we guide you on how to use the Monetization Tools from your portal. Additionally, once your portal has been updated, check out a preview of how your Fans can reward you through the multi-monetization tools implemented.

Preview on how to utilize Pay-Per View, Subscriptions & Virtual Gifting Monetization Tools.

As soon as your Fans reward you accordingly, the amount and data will be recorded under Reports. You will get 80% of all income generated from the above monetization tools.

PrestoColor will then authorize the relevant transactions and share with you a weekly payment advice to your specified bank account.

PrestoColor is completely free to use and we only succeed when you succeed. So let us provide you with the right tools for you to thrive in this creative space.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our friendly PrestoColor Support team to assist you.

Don’t have a PrestoColor account yet? Begin your PrestoColor Creator journey today! Register here and kickstart your monetization tools to get rewarded by Fans who treasure what you do.

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