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Four Tips to Boost Your Channel For Free

Discovering Your Branded Channel

✅ You’ve customized your Branded Channel.

✅ You’ve uploaded your videos.

✅ You’ve determined the right monetization tools.

Are you all set to get paid to do what you love? Almost there!

In the portal, you copy your channel’s URL and with this in hand, you are now ready to embark on the most exciting part of your Creator journey. Building a fan base. But how?

Your channel needs to be discovered by Fans who will reward you for your creativity. Here are four tips to keep in mind when you promote your channel.


Tip #1: Numbers Don’t Matter, Influence Does.

Instead of how many people see your videos, focus on the content value that you bring to your audience. As long as your videos excite, compel and speak to your audience, you are able to gain their support, and retain their attention to return for more. Your Fans who consume your content diligently would treasure your influence and content.

Tip #2: Personalize Titles & Thumbnails.

Fans are more likely to be captivated with a customized thumbnail that matches an effective caption. Make full use of PrestoColor’s Video CMS (Content Management System) and turn this thumbnail feature to make your video more professional with a call-to-action title that can grab and retain the attention of viewers. Your Fans will make repeat transactions when they truly appreciate your creative work.

Tip #3: Cross-Post on Social Media & Forums.

Update all your social media profile settings to include the link to your PrestoColor Channel, including your email signature. Even if you’re starting from zero, you can join forums with a niche interest to your content. This allows you to tap into a group of highly interested and dedicated Fans that are ready to subscribe to your unique content.

Additionally, you may create BTS, teaser content or sneak peaks and cross-post across social media to attract interested Fans to unlock exclusive premium videos on your channel. You may even film a video of a humble explanation or talk to your Fans about your PrestoColor Creator Journey and explain how they can treasure exclusive content through Your Branded Channel.

Remember to update regularly with consistent entertaining content that will drive results to your end goal, and this brings us to our next tip: engage with your Fans.

Tip #4: Interact & Collaborate With Your Community.

PrestoColor allows you to manage and grow your community through fan discussions. Keep the discussion going and even do a short AMA to answer some of your Fans’ burning questions. This way, you get to make genuine connections with Fans and reach out to others who share your interest - they could be in the same industry as you, or even other Creators. Collaborate in harmony together so their Fans can also discover your talent and reward you in turn.

When Should You Promote Your Channel?

The time is now! There is no right or wrong time because bringing Fans to your Channel to treasure your content will always be an ongoing progress.

In summary, focus on the depth and quality of Fans, not quantity. Engage with honest Fans and create a niche target to your content. Utilize the tools available from PrestoColor, and share your channel or videos with effective CTA titles and thumbnails across various social media providers.

Bonus Tip #5: Be patient.

Give it time and soon you will be paid to do what you love.

We will be here to cheer you on throughout your Creator journey!

Need assistance? Reach out to our PrestoColor Support Team here and we will do our best to help you out.

New to PrestoColor? Register here and embark on your PrestoColor Creator journey today!

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