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PrestoColor aims to empower creators like you and help build your own fanbase with your own platform. We give you full control over what kind of monetization plan best suits your content. Thanks to our built-in PrestoFans tools, creators can have their own personal branded site without knowing any coding experience.


This frees you up to develop new work with the support of your biggest fans. Connect with your community in a relaxed, troll-free environment and build a predictable revenue stream that doesn’t rely on unpredictable algorithms.


In short, PrestoColor eliminates all the red tape surrounding monetization, so that more revenue will go to creators instead of platforms.


We want to unleash the true potential of content collaboration and usher in a new stage of growth for the streaming industry. Where creators can always perform at their best without ever worrying about their income.


This is the new creator economy. This is PrestoColor.

Take Back Control

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Take Back Control

To empower and enable creators with building and growing their fanbase through their own platform, where they can fully control the means of monetization thanks to our full suite of marketing, website, and video hosting tools.

Our Leadership

Sharon Tse

Chief Executive Officer, PrestoColor​

• Corporate Management

• Business Strategy

• Marketing & Operation

A web 3.0 trailblazer that has enabled multiple businesses to evolve and transform under dynamic trends of digital transformation. Strong leadership on brand transformation, work process planning and profit optimization with solid international network connections.  


Award-winning talent with over 15 years of experience throughout the region with strong track record of MOB-EX Awards, Markies Awards, and d-Awards Malaysia Digital Association


Ivan Tan

Head of Tech, PrestoColor​

• Project & Product Management

• Technology Development

• Artificial Intelligence

An innovative tech veteran with deep industry experience that has led a legion of social software development projects. A co-founder and director of multiple start-ups that provide all-in-one technology solutions, obtained the critical know-how in translating product value and realising ideas into extraordinary web and mobile experiences. 


Award-winning talent that often sweeps through the IT & Communication category, with accolades across the International Innovative Awards, the Golden Bull Awards and the BrandLaureate e-Branding Awards. 

Joan Ng

Marketing Manager, PrestoColor​

• Branding & Marketing

• Creative Strategy

• Project Management

Over 10 years of experience in the fashion and creative industry. Experienced in branding operation, marketing, merchandising, and project management with international companies. Led the pioneer team to develop brands in new markets.


Highly experienced in the marketing industry. Takes a methodical approach towards data analysis, constantly striving to create pragmatic yet out-of-this-world ideas to life. Award-winning talent with AOTY Awards and Bizbash (U.S) Awards.

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