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One Click to Kickstart Your Branded Channel

A lot of things can be achieved with a simple click of a button.

The entire look and feel of Your Branded Channel on PrestoColor can also be customized with only a few clicks.

Forget the trouble of procuring a domain host, setting up html codes, and even sorting out payment gateway complications – just like magic, PrestoColor will brush your worries away in a click of a button.

Establishing Your Branded Channel

Fast to launch, and with no coding skills required, Your Branded Channel will be up and ready for your Fans to view as soon as you click “save changes and update”.

Take a look below for simple ways to update Your Branded Channel to attract more Fans.

Quick effective tips to personalize Your Branded Channel

That is all it takes, for Your Branded Channel to be ready to view. Copy your Channel’s URL and share that across with your Fans. You are one step closer to be rewarded for doing what you love.

Set Your Rewards

Armed with Your Branded Channel, this is where the fun begins! You get to customize multi-monetization tools, all based on your own comfort and desire.

From Virtual Gifting to Subscriptions, set the ideal rewards for your content and share your channel to engage with true Fans who will treasure your creativity.

Say Hi to our PrestoColor Support Team now and begin your PrestoColor Creator journey today!

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