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PrestoColor Makes it Easy to Treasure Content

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

As Easy As 1-2-3

PrestoColor is where the magic happens!

You may be curious - how does PrestoColor work and what is a Branded Channel?

To put it simply:

PrestoColor provides tools for Creators to get paid to do what they love.

Creator’s Branded Channel is where Fans access to watch, subscribe and treasure their favorite Creator’s videos.

There are many ways Fans can engage with and support their favorite Creators. Fans can comment and like the videos to show appreciation. There’s also the Subscription feature where Fans get immediate access to all premium videos. Of course, subscribing the Royal half year plan results in the most savings!

Not forgetting Pay-Per-View videos for Fans that would only like to unlock a particular VIP premium video. The best part is for every video on the Branded Channel, Fans can click on the gift button, and reward Creators with a variety of neatly picked Virtual Gifts!

Click play to view the Fans’ perspective on how to engage through Creator’s Branded Channel.

Making It Accessible For Fans

Fans get to pick their preferred choice of payment via PrestoConnect’s secured integrated payment gateway system. By supporting a Creator, for example using GrabPay’s e-wallet, Fans can collect and redeem even more rewards! Even global Fans get to benefit from major payment options including visa/debit credit cards.

Additionally, Fans can also view their recently liked and watched videos. As a Fan, the best way is to explore Creator’s Branded Channel for the best experience. Take that leap of faith and go forth on your creative adventures! Start exploring today, and you may unearth hidden gems.

Should you face any troubles from log in, to viewing videos or payment issues, feel free to reach out to our PrestoColor Support Team .

New to PrestoColor? Register here and embark on your PrestoColor Creator journey today!

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