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12 Highlights From PrestoColor's Soft Launch in Asia

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Celebrate with PrestoColor

If you’re a content creator – heads up!

Christmas came early this year!

How can you tell if you’re a creator? Simple. If you have a smartphone and an internet connection – oh, do we have a treat for you!

We recently unveiled the revolutionary colors of PrestoColor to a tight knit group of up to 80 guests that comprised of celebrities, key opinion leaders, influencers, creators and business partners. PrestoColor aims to empower creators and help build your own platform with a devoted community.

12 Celebratory Features of PrestoColor

Still curious about what PrestoColor brings to the palette? Look no further than these features!

  1. You immediately acquire: A brand new personal branded site! No need to start from scratch, and no coding required.

  2. Viewing layout: Available in both horizontal & vertical views whether you’re scrolling through a meal, or even in bed!

  3. We’re exceptionally proud of this one: the multi-monetization tools that you get to mix & match, starting with: pay per view videos.

  4. A staple now in the creator economy, a subscription for either monthly, quarterly or half a year.

  5. Ever dreamt of getting showered with diamonds? Now you absolutely can, when you activate virtual gifting!

  6. Curate your own community of devoted fans, engage effortlessly as they comment, like and share your videos.

  7. Generate revenue reports and valuable insights.

  8. Even more features are being rolled out as we speak, including the option of having the website completely in Mandarin language.

  9. Creators have asked for this, and now we’re also about to implement live chat with fans which involves tipping in real time.

  10. Debuting in a few short weeks, E-commerce where fans get to watch and shop all within the ease of their palms.

  11. Web3.0? Say less as your digital work can be converted into a unique token pivoting to the near future together with PrestoColor where NFTs will be issued and traded with your fans.

  12. Almost no barriers to entry, no minimum follower requirements, and zero cost to sign up to use all the above features of PrestoColor.

Now Anyone Can Create

Rest assured, the presents don’t just stop here, there are many more surprises that await you in the PrestoColor creator portal which we would love for you to explore now by signing up today!

PrestoColor is truly a gift that never stops giving.

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