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Let’s Talk About PrestoColor

Anyone can be a Creator!

However, without the right tools, you might not have the flexibility to create without having to worry how that will impact you financially. PrestoColor exists because when Creators are paid, you get to do more amazing things.

PrestoColor is Revolutionary

When we meet Creators to present the opportunities of PrestoColor, we tell them that PrestoColor is built to empower you with tools designed to unite Fans who will treasure your content.

When your friends, relatives and your audience ask you about PrestoColor, just tell them one thing. You get to do what you like and you get paid throughout the process by your true Fans who enjoy your creativity.

“With PrestoColor, I was surprised by how I got paid by Fans who like my work and appreciate the effort I put into making videos. As a result, I get to focus on my passion of creating videos and get rewarded by Fans who truly support me.”Amanda Chen, KL

Monetizing Your Passion

When Creators post on Instagram or TikTok, these are only social media tools to create the content. You are unable to customize nor set up your own monetization tools. The Creator Economy is spearheaded by Patreon & OnlyFans, both providing tools for Creators to take back control together with their community.

PrestoColor has a similar business model to Patreon. However, PrestoColor is built with Asian Creators in mind, for example the website is in dual language, English & Mandarin so it is catered for a wider audience. There are other unique features for PrestoColor as well.

This table presents the difference in features between PrestoColor, Patreon & OnlyFans.

As summarized in the comparison table, some features are unique only to PrestoColor. First and foremost, you have the liberty to build your branded channel with the whole look and feel of your site entirely up to you. Next, your audience get to have a different watch experience on PrestoColor’s mobile view as it supports both vertical and horizontal videos, thus it is friendly for YouTubers, TikTok or Instagram Creators. Additionally, virtual gifting is another monetization option that is not available on Patreon or OnlyFans. Your Fans get to shower you with virtual diamonds, and even virtual firecrackers during a festive theme.

There are more tools ready for you as a Creator to explore on PrestoColor. Sign up now by clicking here for our PrestoColor Support Team to exclusively register an account just for you. The best part about PrestoColor is that it is completely free to use, and with our Creators First mindset, we empower you to get paid to do what you love!

Begin your PrestoColor Creator journey with us today.

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