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How to Earn Money Through the Built-in E-Store Feature? 

How can I use ColorStore to earn money? 


  • First, register a creator account and set up Your Branded Channel. 

  • Acquire products from built-in e-store (ColorStore). 

  • Shoot creative videos with the products. 

  • Log in to your creator account at portal, then upload the video to your own channel and remember to insert the product URL. 

  • Visit your own channel and copy the video link. 

  • Share the video link across social media together with your coupon code. 

  • Earn commission when your Fans purchase the item by using your personalized coupon code. 

  • Commission will be settled and directed to your bank account every month.

Refer to the complete tutorial in Creator GuidebookSteps to Earn Money Through Built-in E-Store Feature” to learn how to use ColorStore effectively to generate passive income.   

What are the benefits of using PrestoColor’s built-in e-store feature? 


ColorStore is easy to use, and all you need to focus on is to tap on that creativity for more entertaining video content. The rest is handled by ColorStore including finding resources, keeping track of inventory, handling all packing & shipping, and even customer support. 


With the built-in e-store feature on PrestoColor, you do not need to go through the hassle of opening a new e-store and manage it yourself. Best of all, you earn passive income (pre-determined commission) every time your Fans purchase the product using your unlimited coupon code.  Kindly refer to the PrestoColor Support Team for your personalized coupon code. 

I’m interested in featuring my products on ColorStore. Can I be ColorStore’s supplier?

Yes, of course! 

Please do not hesitate to contact us via Email  or  WhatsApp to start a conversation with us regarding your interest in becoming a part of ColorStore’s supplier.

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