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How to Promote Content

How do I promote my content or PrestoFans account?   


Promote your channel by posting to social media as often as you can, especially with a new profile page. We recommend placing your PrestoColor personal branded website link in the “About Me” fields of your social media profiles. People will more likely subscribe if they see your website have lots of content.  


You can also share or advertise some of your featured contents on your social media channels every once in a while. Alternatively, you can utilise our Pay-Per-View monetization feature, which allows visitors to watch your videos without having to subscribe to your channel. 


You are encouraged to regularly share your content on social media. This will introduce more people to your content and give you more opportunities to impress them with your creativity, thereby increasing traffic or views of your content.

Are there any other methods to promote my channel other than sharing out my Personal Site URL?  


Your channel needs to be discovered by Fans who will reward you for your creativity. Focus on the content value that you bring to your audience.  


Here are four tips to keep in mind when you promote your channel. 

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