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How does PrestoColor collect, store and use my Personal Information? 


Please refer to our Privacy Policy at the PrestoColor official website. 

Personal Information Usage 

Who owns the content copyright? 

You can only upload content that you have the right to upload and share. 


Copyright owners may send a takedown notice to PrestoColor if they believe PrestoColor is hosting infringing materials. Depending on the circumstances, PrestoColor reserves the right to terminate the accounts of partners who have multiple violations of copyright infringement claims.  


For more information, please refer to our Acceptable Use Policy at the PrestoColor portal website. 

Content Copyright 

What should I do if I face any technical issues on PrestoFans? 

Please do not hesitate to contact us via Email or WhatsApp. You are required to provide your registered email, describe the issues you are facing, and attach a screenshot or screen recording of the problem that you’re currently facing. 

Technical Issue 

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